marksmanship rotational analysis

Marksmanship Rotational Analysis

From Delirium on Thrill of the Wild:

As Raiding begins tomorrow, I felt like going over the marksmanship rotation once more, make sure I wasn’t missing anything huge.

The following represent the damage done by major Marks abilities with Lone Wolf, Lock and Load, Patient Sniper, Barrage and Sidewinders talents, and report single target damage only.

Tests were run in 850 item level gear.  Stats in such gear were…

Listed damage is without any buffs up and assume a completed artifact weapon (I don’t have a completed artifact weapon, of course, but I adjusted the two damage abilities which I don’t have filled out yet appropriately).  Aimed Shot and Marked Shot are shown with and without the Vulnerable debuff up, and with and without their respective Golden Trait buffs, which are shown as an average increase per cast.

Priority Rankings

When sorted by Damage Per Second, the abilities rank (in descending order)…

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