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Proc’ing Marking Targets

From Delirium on Thrill of the Wild:

I’ve been playing with haste values and Marking Targets recently, just making sure I’ve got a good grasp on what’s actually going on. I’ve had a few misconceptions in my head that I hadn’t really thought out before, so I figured I may as well post some of it up here, for anyone’s mathy pleasure.

Proc’ing Marking Targets

As it currently exists, Marking Targets has 5 RPPM (affected by haste).  What makes it different (at least a little bit) from other RPPM abilities is it only procs from our Auto-Shots, which are cast at fixed intervals.
Before taking Bad Luck Streak Protection into account, each Autoshot has a 25% chance to proc Marking Targets.  The formula for this is:
5(rppm) * (1+haste) * (3/(1+haste)) / 60 [sec per min] = .25
The haste effects cancel each other out, so the 25% chance to proc per Auto-Shot is regardless of your haste rating, though of course the higher your haste, the more often you Auto-Shot.
Bad Luck Streak Protection gives you an increased chance to proc Marking Targets when you’ve gone more than 1.5 times the normal expected interval.  With 0% haste, 5 RPPM is once every 12 seconds.  So at 18 seconds, you start getting an increased chance to proc.  This creates a coefficient that looks like…

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