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After a lot of camping, a considerable amount of faffing and a fair measure of soul searching, Hati the wolf is no longer my Artefact weapon companion. Instead I picked an old, obsolete Wrath skin, one of the first generation of Spirit Beasts, bear that hasn’t been consciously redesigned to appease the high definition generation. Had I not been able to do this, I doubt I would have lived with BM as a spec any longer, especially considering the number of people I see running around with two pets. I I have no idea how many people decide to use their Hunter to make a point, but mine is all about not wanting to have to look the same as everyone else. I’m hoping as a result I can locate an ‘old-style’ white bear skin to replace Polar’s, who is a tank-specced pet. He’s always been that way, and I’d like that not to change any time soon.

I now grasp how much it matters that I get to make these choices and not the designers.


This is, however, a fallacy. I don’t really get any realistic say in how the vast majority of design choices turn out. I can make comment, sure, and if I’m lucky there might be some leeway on how some of the aesthetics are implemented (with the introduction of the Essence Swapper being a case in point) but in the main, if stuff changes, I have a choice…

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