Welcome to Trueshot Lodge

Trueshot Lodge is a hunter community portal. Here you will find feeds for hunter information around the internet, including posts from blogs, forums and original articles. Some will link directly to other hunters' personal websites as they update their content, and others will be posted directly to the Trueshot Lodge. Ready to write your content?


Can anyone sign up and post?
Click on "Contribute now" above or register in the navigation menu. This should provide you access to the contribution form and your own profile that links to your articles and comments. The contribute panel will show up as a drop down menu on your user name:contribute

Why didn't my content show up right away?
Automation is currently disabled. After the site has had time to evolve and been checked for bugs, this process will become faster. If it's been more than 24 hours make a post about it in the forums or email admin@trueshotlodge.ca.


What can I post about?
Anything regarding hunters in the World of Warcraft pertinent to Legion. Please keep it relevant to hunters and appropriate for web. If it's short, consider the forums as well. Opinion posts, rants and feedback are accepted, but place it in the correct category ('opinion').

I run my own hunter site. Can I advertise it here?
Yes, please do.
Insert your site with a URL to the front page, an excerpt of your new post, and a "Read More" link to the article. Duplicates won't be pushed through.

Why is my forum account different?
This was a conscious decision. You do not have to have a forum account and vice versa. Both are opt ins, but both require separate logins as a result. 

I'm interested in a new feature. Can you add it?
Maybe. Make a post in the forums and we'll see what can be done. 

I want to make a page, not a post. Can I?
Maybe. IE, there's a "guides" section below this FAQ that will be moved to its own page one day once the content is generated. Note these will not be linked to your profile as articles, but be stand alone pages attributed to the site (but quicker to find). 
External site guides will also be linked to there.

How do I post a video?
Link the plain youtube URL. It will be detected and automatically generated into an embedded video. 







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